Yahoo!天気 – 雨雲や台風の接近がわかる気象レーダー搭載の天気予報アプリ MOD

Yahoo!天気 – 雨雲や台風の接近がわかる気象レーダー搭載の天気予報アプリ MOD

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App Information of Yahoo!天気 - 雨雲や台風の接近がわかる気象レーダー搭載の天気予報アプリ

App Name Yahoo!天気 - 雨雲や台風の接近がわかる気象レーダー搭載の天気予報アプリ v6.1.3.0
Genre Apps, Weather
Size20.6 MB
Latest Version6.1.3.0
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Rating 10.0 ( 154385 )

Description of Yahoo!天気 - 雨雲や台風の接近がわかる気象レーダー搭載の天気予報アプリ

Here is the file to Download The Latest MOD Version of Yahoo!天気 – 雨雲や台風の接近がわかる気象レーダー搭載の天気予報アプリ MOD, A popular game on the play store For Android.

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1. ひと目でわかるシンプルなデザイン☀
2. 高性能・雨雲レーダー☀
3. 雨雲の接近を通知でお知らせ☀
4. 台風の接近を通知でお知らせ☀
5. 多彩なウィジェット☀
6. 時間ごとの詳細な天気予報もわかる☀
7. 全ての機能が無料で利用できる☀



– いつでも現在地の天気予報がわかります
– 天気を知りたい地域や施設を手軽に検索できます
– 好みの地点や施設は最大5カ所まで登録できます
– 時間ごとの詳細な天気予報が最大72時間わかります
– 日の出日の入りのタイミングがわかります
– 今現在の気温・湿度・気圧がわかります ※室外の測定値



– 台風の動き(発生時のみ)
– 雨雪(あめゆき)レーダー(季節限定)
– 雷レーダー

◆プッシュ通知 全8種


– 天気予報
– 雨雲接近
– 大雨危険度
– 気温差
– 気象警報
– 台風情報
– 動画ニュース
– お知らせ

◆みんなで実況! 今の天気


◆ウィジェット 全5種


– 1日天気予報、2日予報、4日予報
– 気温グラフ
– 雨雲レーダー


– 花粉情報(季節限定)
– PM2.5情報
– 黄砂情報
– 大雨警戒レベルマップ
– 河川水位
– その他の情報

対応OS : Android 6.0 以上

※ 端末の事情などによりOSのアップデートができない場合は、ご不便をおかけしますがブラウザー版のYahoo!天気・災害のご利用もご検討ください。

本アプリケーションは、Yahoo! JAPAN利用規約<プライバシーポリシー、ソフトウエアに関する規約(ガイドライン)を含みます>
– Yahoo!JAPAN利用規約
– 利用環境情報に関する特約
– Yahoo!天気・災害

写真提供 : アフロ
7 points where Yahoo weather is selected

1. Simple design at a glance ☀
2. High-performance rain cloud radar ☀
3. Notification of approaching rain clouds ☀
4. Notification of the approaching typhoon ☀
5. Various widgets ☀
6. Get detailed hourly weather forecasts ☀
7. All features are free to use ☀

◇◇ Main functions ◇◇
◆ Weather forecast

You can see the weather forecast for each city, ward, town, and village up to 17 days ahead, detailed weather forecast for each hour, and the current temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

–You can always get the weather forecast for your current location
――You can easily search for areas and facilities where you want to know the weather.
――You can register up to 5 favorite points and facilities.
–Detailed hourly weather forecast for up to 72 hours
–You can see the timing of sunrise and sunset
–You can see the current temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure * Measured values ​​outdoors

◆ Rain cloud radar

The weather radar observations and high-resolution precipitation nowcast predictions are continuously displayed on the map. You can see the state of rain clouds and the amount of precipitation up to 15 hours ahead.

Other radar functions
–Movement of typhoon (only when it occurs)
You can see the typhoon course for up to 5 days on a high-performance map.
–Ameyuki Radar (seasonal)
You can see the boundary between rain and snow and predict when it will start to snow.
–Lightning radar
Understand the possibility of past lightning strikes and future lightning strikes

◆ Push notifications All 8 types

We will promptly notify you of weather information useful for daily life and disaster prevention information to protect yourself from disasters.

– weather forecast
You can notify the weather forecast for today and tomorrow
–Rain cloud approaching
Predict the approach of rain clouds to the current location and registered points and notify before it rains
–Heavy rain risk
We will notify you of the announcement of the 5 levels of heavy rain warning level introduced from 2019
–Temperature difference
Notifies when the temperature difference from the next day exceeds the set conditions
–Weather warning
Notify the announcement / cancellation of weather warnings in the set area
–Typhoon information
You can select notification of typhoon occurrence / approach / disappearance
–Video news
Notify the video news explained by the weather forecaster
– Notice
Notify you of notifications from Yahoo Weather

◆ Live together! Current weather

Weather information created by everyone’s posts. It can also be used for forecasting when used in combination with weather forecasts and rain cloud radar.

◆ All 5 types of widgets

Widgets are popular features. With a wide variety of designs and sizes, you can see weather information without launching the app.

–1 day weather forecast, 2 day forecast, 4 day forecast
You can see the weather forecast for the set area
The design can be selected from 6 patterns
–Temperature graph
Displays the 24-hour temperature transition in comparison with the previous day
The design has two patterns, white and black.
–Rain cloud radar
You can see the current state of rain clouds in the set area
The design has two patterns, white and black.

◆ Weather / disaster prevention information

–Pollen information (seasonal)
Weekly pollen dispersal can be seen with a 4-step index
The radar map shows the change in pollen dispersal over time.
–PM2.5 information
You can see the concentration of PM2.5 today and tomorrow with a 5-step index
You can see the distribution forecast map every 3 hours up to 2 days ahead.
–Kosa information
The influence of yellow sand today and tomorrow can be seen with a 7-step index
You can see the distribution forecast map every 3 hours up to 2 days ahead.
–Heavy rain alert level map
Real-time understanding of the danger of sediment-related disasters
Also posted nationwide sediment-related disaster warning areas, flood inundation areas, etc.
–River water level
We provide maps and graphs of the danger level and water level of rivers nationwide.
– Other information
Disaster information such as earthquakes and tsunamis, weather maps, observation information such as AMeDAS, etc.

◇◇ Usage ◇◇
Supported OS: Android 6.0 or above

* If you cannot update the OS due to the circumstances of the terminal, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please consider using the browser version of Yahoo! Weather / Disaster.

This application includes the Yahoo! JAPAN Terms of Service
Please check before using.
–Yahoo! JAPAN Terms of Service
–Special contract regarding usage environment information
–Yahoo! Weather / Disaster

Photo courtesy of Afro

How to Install Yahoo!天気 – 雨雲や台風の接近がわかる気象レーダー搭載の天気予報アプリ MOD APK :

Here are some easy steps from which you can install this game on your Android.

  1. Then the first thing that you need is to uninstall the previous version of Yahoo!天気 – 雨雲や台風の接近がわかる気象レーダー搭載の天気予報アプリ.
  2. Then click on the download button to download the file.
  3. Tap on the MOD APK file and click on the install.
  4. Allow Unknown resources for the installation of the app.
  5. Go to ->Setting ->Security -> Unknown Sources -> Turn it ON.

    Like in the picture below
    how to install mod-apk

  6. Click on MOD APK File to Install, click Next, and Install to finish the installation process. Now Open App and Enjoy!

If you are facing any issue in downloading or installation ,please comment below , so we can solve issue ASAP, Thanks.

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